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Our Franchise Program

Mr. Rent A Car Franchise Program

Whether their own car is being serviced, away on holiday and left their family vehicle at home, or just simply want to rent one of the top range model for a special occasion, we can satisfy them. Motorists across B.C. are in need of rental cars and we are the ones that can provide that.

Indeed figures show that about 15 million people visit B.C., Canada from abroad every year, what better way is there than to travel from province to province and see the sights along the way than to rent a car? Renting a car provides more freedom and lets the customer explore at their own pace. Therefore investing in a car rental franchise could be an excellent opportunity for those with the skill and expertise to succeed.


At Mr. Rent A Car, we’re always looking to team up with people like you.

People with a vision, People who have the knowledge and experience it takes to run a successful business. We would also like to hear from people with ambition, "the drive to learn", and are able to achieve and succeed. We need people who have a keen understanding of that special place the local businesses have in their local communities.

Bring a nationally recognized brand to your neighborhood, and reap the benefits.

Your traits, such as your passion, background and commitment to your community will play a role in being successful in being a part of Mr. Rent A Car. We want to help you unlock your full potential.

So "take the wheel", click thru the site, and take Mr. Rent A Car for a test drive.


Mr. Rent A Car was founded in B.C., Canada in 1996. Over the past 19 years we have built a reputation on providing new vehicles from major national companies to our customers with competitive rates.

We are able to offer the choice of both new and distinctive vehicles. Mr. Rent A Car has been able to supply the budget conscious renter with a clean and reliable vehicle whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Mr. Rent A Car has identified it's need to grow the company's reputation under our brand name based on the the strength of our experience and expertise. Due to the increasing recognition of our company of what we are able to offer, we have rapidly expanded our one and only B.C. lower mainland operation into many locations . Our locations now cover the highly competitive Richmond, B.C., Vancouver, B.C., Burnaby, B.C. and as well as an offsite location that is only 5 minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport.

With Vancouver ranked as one of the" best cities to live in", Mr. Rent A Car was able to advertise to the travelers through "word-of-mouth", newspapers, Yellow Pages, Google and travel publications.

Having a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, Mr. Rent A Car is able to offer their customers the service of pick up and drop offs in the lower mainland area, which none of the immediate competitors can offer at this time.

It has become apparent that in order to create further growth, the brand "Mr. Rent A Car would need to be promoted more heavily not just in B.C. but throughout both Canada and the U.S.. It is decided that the best way to do this was to have Mr. Rent A Car locations Canada wide.

Due to the supply and demands of the public, the franchising model was decided upon as the growth plan for Mr. Rent A Car. In 2015, Mr. Rent A Car started to have company locations consolidated into franchisees and commenced a recruitment program. We have identified over 200 car rental opportunities within the two countries.


See how our Top 5 list compares with yours.

1.                  The #1 Chinese Brand – If you're considering a rental car franchise, then consider the Mr. Rent A Car brand. Mr. Rent A Car is one of the largest general use Chinese car rental brands in B.C., with many locations in lower mainland.

2.                  Integrated Online Reservation System – Our proprietary online reservation system, which literally gives you access to reservation from a s host of travel booking channels including www.mrrentacar.com,  ties right into our point-of-sale system.

3.                  A Tradition of Innovation  - Mr. Rent A Car created the car rental industry in 1996. We have dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing the industry ever since.

4.                  Training & Support – We offer comprehensive training coupled with ongoing operational support and guidance.

5.                  Speed to Market – Our simple onboarding process will help you open your Mr. Rent A Car franchise location.

Mr. Rent A Car's reservation system is easy and convenient to use. With the click of a mouse you can access rental reservation from all over the world.


Mr. Rent A Car - A Recognized Name

For over 19 years, Mr. Rent A Car has built a global name and business success by giving the customers what they want: a car rental value that makes sense. For the entrepreneur seeking unique business opportunities, it makes sense to own Mr. Rent A Car franchises to serve this value-driven market.

The Strengths of a Mr. Rent A Car Franchise

At Mr. Rent A Car, we have many unique strengths that make us your best choice for a business opportunity, such as:

- Extensive Support Services

- Website

- Value Brand

- Has proven to meet the demands and expectations of our customers

- #1 Chinese Brand in this industry

Extensive Support Services

Mr. Rent A Car has developed a wide range of support services designed to help our franchise owners achieve their business goals. We proudly provide an impressive array of quality services including:

- Operational Support

- Advertising, Sales & Marketing Support

- Image & Signage Support

- Website

Our website: www.mrrentacar.com is built for speed and offers a customer experience that is second to none. Our goal is to provide consumers with as much information up front as possible so that they can make the best car rental decision. Visitors to the site are very pleased with our great rates, variety of vehicles and the simple reservation booking process.

Value Brand

Mr. Rent A Car, caters to cost-conscious business and leisure travelers. In today’s economic environment, value is where service meets price-- is the key factor in the decision-making process for all consumers. Our brand symbolizes that relationship.

With the right experience, resources and business building attitude, a Mr. Rent A Car® franchise might be the license you need to drive a successful business .

Available markets are decreasing, so act now. There is no obligation to inquire or apply for a franchise.

Be the Boss

Do you have what it takes to be the boss? Can you build and maintain a profitable business with our business? If so, Mr. Rent A Car has the opportunity for you!

We're inviting exceptional entrepreneurs to join our successful international team as a self-employed Agency / Independent Operator. This is your opportunity to manage all operations of a Mr. Rent A Car  location, deliver outstanding service to our customers, and boost your "bottom line"!

As an Independent Operator, you'll be responsible for the growth and success of your own Mr. Rent A Car location.

Best of all, Mr. Rent A Car will provide you with an appropriate selection of the latest-models to meet your the public's demand.

Successful Independent Operators come from all walks of life. While it's helpful to have skills or experience in operating a business, car rental, hotel, and / or travel-related business this certainly isn't a requirement.

Key success criteria include:

1.                  The ability to effectively communicate with customers and employees.

2.                  A positive, goal-oriented personality and a willingness to do everything it takes to build the      business on a community basis.

3.                  An ongoing community focus that may include joining the local Chamber of Commerce,       sponsoring local sports teams, and encouraging local business to refer customers to you.

4.                  The ability to effectively serve customers to build and maintain a strong, thriving business.

One of the best things about being an Independent Operator is the unlimited potential for growth. For example, an operator can realize lucrative earnings from a single successful location. However, if a larger operation becomes available, an existing operator might have the opportunity to move to that location.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Franchise Agreement grants you the right to legally operate using a company's brand name and establish a business model.

I've heard that some companies will bring cars to my location and allow me to rent them out and earn a commission. Does Mr. Rent A Car off this type of business model?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this kind of agency plan or service.

How do I qualify to become a Mr. Rent A Car Owner?

1.                  Minimum net worth requirement of CAD$500,000.00

2.                  Have liquid assets of at least CAD$300,000.00

3.                  Approval by the Licensee Selection Committee.

What is the process?

Typically it takes between 60 and 120 days to go through the approval process and complete legal documentation to begin operations. Below you will find a detailed outline of the process:

                    Fill out the Franchise inquiry Form

                    Make an appointment with one of our Franchise Representatives

                    Fill out the application and submit it to the Franchise team. Once received, your completed   application will be sent to our credit department for review.

                    You will then be invited to visit our main office in Richmond, BC, Canada to participate in a     Discovery Day. On this day, you will meet with members of various departments and have an      opportunity to ask questions.

                    A term letter will be issued to you, which will outline the details of your Franchise Agreement

                    You will be issued a Franchise Disclosure Document which provides further detail      information regarding our Franchise Fee.

                    Prior to opening, you will be required to attend an orientation at our Richmond, BC, Canada    main office.

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment depends on the size of market, fleet requirement and cost of doing business in your area.

Am I required to pay monthly fees?

Yes, royalty and reservation fees are due on a monthly basis.