Insurance Replacement

Was your vehicle recently effected from an accident or unforeseen incident? Most vehicle repairs takes up to two weeks. Wondering how you will get around without your vehicle? We can help.

How to get a insurance replacement vehicle

Determine Who Is Paying

When filling an insurance claim, ask the adjuster about a rental. Directly billing the insurance company is available for eligible claims, or you can take advantage of our special rates if you will be paying for the rental vehicle.

Schedule Rental & Repairs

Reserve your rental on the same day you plan to drop your car to the repairer. If your car is not safe to drive, you may need a vehicle. Let us know if you need a ride to our facilities.

Extend Your Rental

Repairs can take longer than expected. Contact us to extend your rental. If an insurance company is paying, we work with the repair shop and the adjuster on extensions throughout the repair.

Repairs Complete

When your vehicle is ready, return the rental to us and we can give you a ride to the repair facility. Any billing will need to be finalized with the insurance company before we close your rental contract.

Some of the benefits Insurance Companies discover with us

  1. Accident Rental Rates
  2. Direct billing to insurance companies and dealerships
  3. New, clean, current model vehicles with all the modern feature
  4. Widest variety of vehicle models and makes
  5. Guaranteed availability
  6. Convenient vehicle delivery to the scene of the accident or customers house/work
  7. Customer Pickup and Drop off services
  8. Warm, friendly service toward customers and insurance brokers/adjustors
  9. Keeping in contact with auto repair facilities
  10. No additional/hidden fees

Complete the Insurance Replacement form and select a vehicle, we will contact you

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